Fourty years ago, EJBC was founded by Margaret and Roger Wallis along with another Etobicoke couple, Barbara and Vic Simone (under the former Etobicoke Parks and Rec).  Initially, their focus was to provide an affordable place for their combined five kids and their friends to learn and play the game of badminton.  Since that one fateful day, almost a thousand kids have had a chance to be a part of EJBC.  To them, the club has been many things - a place where they could hang out with their friends; a place away from the rigours of school life; and place to simply relax and socialize; and most importantly (hopefully!), a place where they could learn the sport of badminton.

Throughout the club’s history (last updated 2010), EJBC has achieved many milestones including:

A brief timeline of EJBC:

1983 - The club is founded by Margaret and Roger Wallis and Barbara and Vic Simone

2010 - Margaret and Roger Wallis retire from the club.  Kwok Wai Chan takes over the as the new Head Coach.

2013 - Kwok Wai Chan resigns from the club as Head Coach and is succeeded by Willie Manalang.  

The club is currently in the capable hands of Coach Willie Manalang.  We would all like to wish him and the other volunteers at the club the best of luck and success in the coming season!