Anatomy of a Lesson

Each session is comprised of a warm-up and technical training that will constitute 60 minutes.  This is followed by match play in a ladder format that is supplemented with coaching during play to ensure skills are being applied correctly.

Safety & Etiquette

Both on and off the court

Stretching and warm-ups

Care of racquets, shuttles and equipment

The Rules of Badminton

What they are and why

Scoring In both singles and doubles play (Rally Point)


Four corners and back to centre!

Split step and anticipation

Leading with your racquet


Service:                       both forehand and backhand; short, drive and high serves

Service returns:      net, drive, and dump returns

Clears:                     defensive, attacking

Drops:                         straight, x-court, diagonal, sliced, round the head

Smash:                       straight, x-court, round the head, jump, sliced

Return of smash:    block to the net, flat drive, lift

Drive:                       down the line, at an opponent or diagonally

Underhand drop:   from mid/backcourt

Dab:                            “kill” at the net, panhandle grip

Netplay:            straight, x-court, backhand, forehand

Lifts:                           forehand and backhand from the net

Backhand:                 Applies to most strokes

Basic Tactics

Attacking vs. Defensive strokes

Singles tactics:  four corners and back to centre

Accuracy, elimination of unforced errors and deception

Doubles tactics: working with your partner

Structured analysis of your game and your opponent's tactics